Success is not possible without completion. Get the structure you need to complete  projects big and small and the accountability that keeps you from giving up.
Accountability & Structure
Get expert coaching to lay the track for a life that will take you where you really want to go and to navigate the road from here to there.
High Performance Coaching
You have a vision for a life that matters. But you're unwilling to sacrifice what matters most to make an impact in the world. Clarify your priorities. Focus your actions. And make that dream come true.
Make 2O2O the year you take your life back.
Connect with a well-curated, nurturing and challenging community of  fellow change makers around the world 24/7 and in monthly calls.
24/7 Caring Community
Master the process of change through the 12 stations of
The Wheel of Creativity

Create and work your monthly plan from "here" to "there"

Enjoy member-only access to Katherine's other programs at reduced rates 
Master the steps to any goal.
Make monthly commitments via Group Accountability Check-ins

Stay on track with Accountability Partners in between calls

Enjoy member-only rates for high-performance coaching packages with Katherine Robertson-Pilling
Be vulnerable. Be clear.
Connect. Share. Grow.
Get training, coaching and feedback in monthly
Mastermind calls

Stay connected 24/7 in the private, moderated member-only
Facebook group

Share stories and friendship in the monthly Conversation Café
The 2O2O formula for personal transformation
Register by Saturday April 4th midnight PDT to receive 3 months access to my eLearning course. 
A $497 value. 
Do you wonder if you'll ever feel successful?
Do you question the vision you were once so sure of?
Do you have trouble remembering why you started all this?
Do you feel exhausted by the daily demands of your life?
Do you long to feel the passion for your work again?
Do you ever dream to run away and start again?
Do you crave certainty but long for adventure?
Do you doubt the choices that brought you here?

Join the CVFA 2O2O Online Community if you want to...
  • Remember who you are, what you know and why you're here
  • Have loving accountability to keep your actions aligned with your vision
  • Find freedom from persistent limiting patterns of thinking and behavior
  • Learn to navigate every step to your most closely held dream
Take it back. It's your one and only life.
Amanda Jones
I knew it was time to make a shift and the invitation came in a timely fashion. The experience helped me zone in on changes I can make in my life to be happier and more effective. I have certainly recovered zeal and zest for life and no longer feel stuck. In the monthly calls and the Facebook group a sense of trust, intimacy and mutual good will emerged - being part of a net for others in some way. I saw how it helped me as well as  others.
Katherine provides a safe and inspiring environment where participants can connect and share experiences and concerns. She shares what she has learned through research and personal experience to help each person clarify how they need to move forward and begin to do so at their own pace. Anyone who has a specific area they want to change will find support  here to progress.
Carol Keslar
Katherine is a truly generous, remarkable, authentic human who supports others in fulfilling their destiny and dreams through her offerings. As well, she surrounds herself with other incredible people who come together in heartfelt ways to navigate Life together, share and cheer one another on. I count myself as fortunate that stars aligned so our paths crossed.
Mari Heart
 "The heart of this program is an international community of inspired, passionate people committed to a better way of life, personally and globally. In 2019, I witnessed 10 people in five countries make incredible achievements in their lives. They started careers, and they transitioned from work to a meaningful third act. They made space for themselves at home, and they made homes in new countries. They rediscovered their creative voice, and they started producing work. I’ve seen the power of community, structure and accountability to catalyze personal transformation, and I’ve been amazed at how much they’ve each achieved. 70% of the 2019 participants have signed up for 2020. I so believe in this 2020 program that I’ve made it almost impossible to turn down. If you are drawn to this, reach out to me. Let's talk."
A word from Katherine...
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